Address: 950 S. Main St., Celina, OH

Phone: 419-586-9657

Our mission is to encourage healthy behaviors for a healthy lifestyle. Being diagnosed with a chronic disease is hard enough. Making healthy lifestyle changes may be even more difficult.

At the Mercer Health Disease Management Clinic, our people-centered approach ensures participation is at the center of all we do. Our counseling model is designed to meet you where you are in the healthcare continuum. We’ll help you move forward to meet mutually agreed upon goals.

We engage the individual; we don't just treat the disease. We strive to provide every participant with the support and advocacy they need. At the same time we understand the real and emotional challenges that often accompany the most prevalent conditions such as diabetes, non-healing wounds and infectious diseases. To help participants achieve real and lasting lifestyle changes for better health, the counseling process starts with a recognition of what makes each chronic disease and, more importantly, each individual unique. 

Straight from the heart, we are a company of compassionate clinicians. Our greatest reward is the improved health and well being of our participants. Our multi-disciplinary clinicians work with each participant. They listen, motivate, advocate, educate, and even laugh and cry together in their individual journeys to better health.

Disease Management Clinic Mission Statement:
To provide evidence based practice and education through a team of physicians, registered nurses and registered dietitian to meet the health care needs of our patients, focusing on wounds, Diabetes, infectious diseases, ostomy and vascular disease. We provide advocacy for preventative health for patients, family and care givers for long term improvement in quality of life.

Our focus and training is in the treatment of:

  • Wounds
  • Infectious Disease
  • Ostomy
  • Arterial & Venous Insufficiencies