Center for Healthy Weight & Wellness

Weight Management and Wellness Services to Support your Journey to a Healthier You

Mercer Health’s Center for Healthy Weight & Wellness provides comprehensive weight loss and wellness services tailored to each patient’s unique needs. We offer a variety of programs, tools and resources that can be combined into a customized plan to help you make healthier lifestyle choices. Our multidisciplinary team of experts is here to support you every step of the way throughout your wellness journey!

Surgical Weight Loss

The Mercer Health Center for Healthy Weight & Wellness offers surgical weight loss to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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Non-Surgical Weight Loss

We offer a number of opportunities to help you manage your weight in a safe and comfortable manner. These programs include medical weight loss, weight loss medications, medically-supervised meal replacement, nutrition counseling and healthy meal planning.

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Diabetes Education

A diabetes diagnosis can often overwhelm an individual. We are here to simplify the complex and shed light on some of the most important areas to help you live a fulfilling life. Get control of your diabetes!

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InBody© Body Composition Scale

The InBody is a quick, easy and precise body composition analyzer. In just under one minute, the analyzer provides a breakdown of your weight including lean body mass (muscle), fat, mineral and body water status. The results will help guide you to better achieve your goals and make meaningful lifestyle changes.

InBody tests include a 30-minute appointment with a provider or dietician to review your results. This appointment will help you better understand areas that you have the opportunity to focus on to make impactful lifestyle changes such as resistance training, nutritional strategies, cardio movement, or medical management for weight loss.

The InBody may be a covered test by your insurance. Please contact your insurance and inquire if you have coverage for CPT code 0358T. If you do not have insurance coverage, the self-pay price for the InBody is $45.00 due at the time of your appointment.

Our Location

Mercer Health’s Center for Healthy Weight & Wellness is located inside Mercer Health West Campus (830 W. Main St., Suite 1). Patients should park in the main West Campus parking lot and enter the building’s main entrance.

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