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Improved Urologic Procedures Now Provided at Mercer Health
Mercer Health recently acquired a new surgical system to improve urologic procedures. The system, the MOSES 2.0 Pulse 120H holmium laser, has a high...
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Mercer Health’s Medical Staff offering Summer Internship & Exploration Program For College Students Considering Application to Medical School
Mercer Health’s Medical Staff is offering a summer internship and exploration program for college students who are considering applying for medical...
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Mercer Health’s Surgery Center Setting for Life-Changing Treatment
Mercer Health’s Surgery Center has been the setting for life-changing events for a young boy from Burkina Faso, West Africa.  This young boy,...
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Mercer Health Medical Group at Mendon Now Scheduling Patients
Mercer Health is excited to announce the opening of Mercer Health Medical Group at Mendon, 128 Drake Street. Patients of all ages can schedule appointments...
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MED Foundation honors 2022 Outstanding Friend of the Year at annual Friends of the Foundation event
The Medical, Educational and Development (MED) Foundation of Mercer Health awarded the Mercer County Elks the 2022 Outstanding Friends of the Year...
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Mercer Health announces opening of “Barb’s Closet”
Mercer Health is pleased to announce the opening of Barb’s Closet, a resource housed in the Emergency Department at Mercer County Community Hospital...
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The MED Foundation of Mercer Health receives grant from Mercer County Civic Foundation
The MED Foundation recently received a $15,000 grant from the Mercer County Civic Foundation to purchase a Neptune Rover and three Glider Rocking...
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Mercer Health announces Urology office transition
Auglaize + Mercer Urology, the office of Dr. Scott Cohen and Erica Feison, PA, has transitioned to the name Mercer Health Medical Group Urology. ...
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Mercer Health partners with Community Blood Center
Mercer Health utilizes nearly 700 units of blood on an annual basis for patients requiring transfusions to replace blood loss from surgical procedures,...