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The Mercer Health Volunteer Association is proud to serve our patients and their families every day of the year. If you’re interested in providing a valued community service, pursuing personal growth, continuing a lifetime of learning or returning a kindness shown to you while you were a patient, Mercer Health has a unique variety of volunteer opportunities to match your interest!

Join the Mercer Health Volunteer Association

Our Volunteer program offers opportunities to serve in a variety of departments and areas within Mercer Health.  Potential job duties may include greeting and offering assistance to patients and visitors; delivering flowers, mail, books and magazines; helping with special projects and clerical tasks; assisting in the daily operation of the Gift Shop at Mercer Health; and much more!

Getting started is as easy as completing the Volunteer Application and Background Inquiry Release forms listed below in addition to meeting with our Director of Volunteer Services to discuss your interests.

VolunTeen Program

Our VolunTeen Program is designed for both high school and college students who would like to assist in a variety of settings throughout the organization on an ongoing basis.

For more information about our VolunTeen program, please contact our Volunteer Services Coordinator at 419-678-5132 or email volunteer@mercer-health.com.

High school or college students interested in observing on a short-term basis should consider job shadowing.

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Please return the completed forms via email to volunteer@mercer-health.com or mail or drop off your completed forms to Mercer Health Attn: Volunteer Services, 800 W. Main St., Coldwater, Ohio 45828


Volunteer + VolunTeen Application

Contact Volunteer Services


Volunteer Services
800 W. Main St.
Coldwater, Ohio 45828


Mercer Health Volunteer Association Scholarship

The Mercer Health Volunteer Association Scholarship is given to support a current or past Mercer Health volunteer or a current employee of Mercer Health who is furthering their education in any employable profession represented within the Mercer Health organization by offering a scholarship opportunity.

Mercer Health Volunteer Association Scholarship Application

Mercer Health Volunteer Association Scholarship Recipients:

2022 – Taylor Siefring, Coldwater

Current and Former Volunteers & VolunTeens

Mercer Health Volunteer
I believe the volunteer program truly improves the quality and success of both the hospital and the community. Dealing with people, particularly people in need, is a great thing.
- Chris Cornyn
Mercer Health Volunteer

I am a happy retiree from Mercer Health and witnessed volunteers helping in many ways and was always inspired by them. I still wanted to be a part of Mercer Health and being a volunteer was a good way of doing that.

- Diane Wellman
Former Mercer Health VolunTeen

As a VolunTeen, it was impactful for me to talk with different staff members about their jobs and positions, how they became interested in their field and what training was involved. As a VolunTeen, you truly become a part of the Mercer Health organization.

- Dr. Megan Core, Primary Care Provider
Dr. Megan Core, Former Mercer Health VolunTeen
Diane Wellman, Mercer Health Volunteer
Chris Cornyn, Mercer Health Volunteer
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