OB/GYN & Women's Health

Women Have Unique Health Care Needs

Mercer Health offers a full continuum of health care for women at every age and every stage of their lives.

A Woman's Journey: Meeting You Where You Are

We offer multiple convenient OB/GYN office locations in Celina, Coldwater, Ft. Recovery, Mendon, and St. Henry and additional women’s health services, including mammography and medical imaging and gynecological surgical services, at Mercer Health’s Mercer County Community Hospital.

No matter where a woman is at in her journey, we strive to meet you where you are.

To contact any of our Women’s Health providers, call one convenient number: 567-890-6510.


Our team, including OB/GYNs and a Nurse Midwife, prioritizes the individual needs of every expecting mother and the health and safety of both the mother and the unborn baby.  Services range from preconception and fertility counseling, family planning, prenatal care, delivery and postpartum care, education classes and more.

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Childbirth Classes and Education


Our women’s reproductive system health services go beyond the childbearing stages.  The most common gynecologic services, such as annual well-woman exams, menstrual cycle management, pap smears and clinical breast exams are provided but so are specific services such as peri-menopause care, menopause counseling and hormone therapy, pelvic floor disorders and more.  If required, gynecological surgical interventions, such as dilation and curettage (D&C), hysteroscopy, ablations and hysterectomy, are provided in our Surgery Center.  Some procedures can be provided robotically.

Women's Health

Women’s health is more than just care from an obstetrician or a gynecologist. We provide comprehensive, compassionate care to women of all ages so you can stay healthy and active as you move from one decade to the next.  Whether you’re a teenager or a grandmother, we are here to help you.

A mammogram is an X-ray of the breast used to detect breast cancer.  Women 40 and older should have mammograms every 1 or 2 years. Women who are younger than 40 and have risk factors for breast cancer should ask their provider whether mammograms are advisable and how often to have them.

We proudly offer 3D Mammogramphy exams, which provide more detailed views, offer enhanced comfort and require less radiation. This technology allows for greater accuracy, better detection and a reduced need for additional screenings.  Occasionally additional breast images such as ultrasound or MRI imaging may be requested or required and can also be provided at Mercer Health.

For more information or to schedule a mammogram, contact us at 419-678-5111.  Note: A provider order is required for mammograms.

Additional Women's Imaging
Medical imaging is often used for other women’s health services and concerns including bone density screenings, prenatal ultrasounds, diagnostic ultrasounds and MRIs for concerns such as heavy menstrual bleeding, pain, etc.
Healthy Weight and Wellness
A healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and a balanced diet are vital to overall health.  Many women find the services at our Center for Healthy Weight and Wellness beneficial to optimizing their health and feeling their best.
Other Screenings and Preventative Services
Your health and wellness begins with prevention. Getting the right screening at the right time is an important step in managing your overall health.  Talk to your provider about what screenings and preventative services are right for you.


Breast Self-Exam Tutorial by Jessica Bergman, CNM
Kendra Seitz, Breast Cancer Survivor Tells Story
Patti Stahl, Breast Cancer Survivor, Advocates for Early Detection

Our Providers

Our providers include OB/GYN physicians, a midwife and a certified women’s health nurse practitioner. OB/GYNs are physicians who provide all obstetric and gynecological services. Midwives are healthcare providers who deal with pregnancy, childbirth, newborn care and postpartum health.  Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners provide general and reproductive health care to women across the life span.

Let Us Care For You

To schedule an appointment with any of our OB/GYN & Women’s Health providers or for more information, please contact us at 567-890-6510.

For a full list of healthcare providers, visit our Physician Directory online.