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At Mercer Health, we pride ourselves on being able to offer quality local healthcare. With our vast range of healthcare services, from prevention to treatment of acute and chronic conditions, we strive to make sure you can receive the specialty care services you need conveniently close to home.


We offer a number of non-invasive cardiac and vascular/stroke prevention screenings, including Echocardiographs (EKGs), stress testing, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and more.

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Center for Healthy Weight & Wellness

Our multidisciplinary team of experts at the Center for Healthy Weight & Wellness provides comprehensive weight loss and wellness services tailored to each patient’s unique needs. We offer a variety of programs, tools and resources customized to help support you throughout your wellness journey!

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Disease Management

Our Disease Management experts don’t just treat medical conditions, they engage, educate and empower patients. This team primarily focuses on wound healing, infectious disease treatment/management, ostomy care and more.

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Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

The Vanan ENT & Sinus Center features a comprehensive set of ENT and sinus services as well as convenient office hours and a caring staff, dedicated to providing high-quality ENT and sinus care.

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Home Care & Medical Equipment

We offer compassionate, at-home healthcare services to help patients heal in the comfort of their own residence. We also provide durable home medical equipment like bathroom aids, blood pressure monitors, CPAP machines and much more.

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Laboratory Services

With a comprehensive onsite medical laboratory and several convenient lab locations to serve you, results can be delivered quickly to you and your provider. We also offer direct access testing.

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Mental Wellness

Mercer Health Mental Wellness services may include prevention, identification and treatment. Treatment for mental wellness sometimes requires medically managed, individualized treatment plans which may include medications, behavioral interventions and therapy.

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Occupational Health

Our occupational health programs are designed to protect employees, improve everyday productivity, expertly handle workplace injuries and reduce absenteeism in the long run.

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We offer a variety of Orthopedic Services ranging from imaging, treatment, inpatient and outpatient surgery, joint replacement, rehabilitation, outpatient sports training and more.

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Pain Management

Chronic pain can greatly impact your life—as well as those around you. Our pain management experts and their team of trained specialists offer a number of outpatient treatments to help you safely achieve greater comfort and normalcy.

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Our expert pediatricians provide the highest quality medical care for infants, children, teens and young adults, including routine physical exams, immunizations and treatments for acute illness.

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Pulmonology & Respiratory

Our pulmonary and respiratory services include pulmonary function testing and care for patients with acute and chronic lung conditions.

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Radiology & Imaging

Mercer Health’s Medical Imaging Services department is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art radiology and imaging services to both inpatients and outpatients.

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Rehabilitation Services

Mercer Health offers comprehensive rehabilitation services in affiliation with Community Sports and Therapy Center, consisting of Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy by a team of qualified therapists.

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Sleep Care

The specialists at our Sleep Care Center are trained to diagnose and treat neurological sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome and just about any other conditions that could be keeping you from a good night’s sleep.

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Mercer Health offers comprehensive urologic care for men and women to help handle conditions negatively impacting the kidneys, bladder and more.

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Women's Health & OB/GYN

We offer a number of education programs, services and treatment options to assist women at any age, including OB/GYN, imaging and childbirth services.

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Community Support

Mercer Health is dedicated to educating and empowering all members of our community to help them live their healthiest lives. For this reason, we are proud to offer a variety of community activities, events and wellness programs.

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