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Auglaize + Mercer General Surgery

Auglaize + Mercer General Surgery is a joint venture between Mercer Health and Grand Lake Health System specializing in many areas of general surgery. We have locations conveniently located in Coldwater and St. Marys. This allows Dr. Lance Bryant and his team of nurse practitioners Ashley Meyer and Brittany Schlarman to provide residents in both Auglaize and Mercer Counties the best care and personal attention they deserve.

We offer same-day appointments. We feature a wide range of Gastroenterology Tests and Procedures. Surgical endoscopy procedures EGD and Colonoscopy. Bravo pH test procedures can better assist in diagnosing patients with chronic GERD or Heartburn. Hernia repair, Mastectomy/Lumpectomy to name a few. We also offer Pillcam Endoscopy that is done in the office to assist in detecting Crohns disease and other inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), Celiac disease, or GI Bleeds.

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