Mercer Health announces partnership with Premier Physician Network’s Perinatal Partners

Mercer Health Women’s Health Services and OB/GYNs have partnered with Premier Physician Network’s Perinatal Partners, located in Dayton, Ohio, to offer virtual visits to patients. Perinatal Partners is part of the Premier Health’s Premier Physician Network that provides a multi-specialty and patient-centered approach for women experiencing complicated or high-risk pregnancy.

If a patient is requiring additional prenatal care, Mercer Health Medical Group’s OB/GYNs will make a referral to the Perinatal Partners office and together they will determine if a virtual visit is appropriate. While most visits are appropriate, there are some situations that may require the patient to be seen in person.

“By providing virtual visits, patients are able to continue to receive prenatal care by their Mercer Health Medical Group OB/GYN at Mercer Health but also have access to advanced, specialty providers,” stated Martin Shehan, Vice President of Provider Practices. “Virtual, or telehealth, visits give patients quicker access to specialists and save them time and travel.” We are excited for this partnership and enhancing the care for women during their pregnancies.”  Mercer Health Medical Group OB/GYN staff will assist the patient to schedule their virtual visit.  Patients of Mercer Health Medial Group OB/GYN will come their OB/GYN’s Celina office, for the Perintal Partners Virtual visit; a nurse will assess the patient and connect the patient with their Perinatal Partners Physician for their virtual visit.

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