February is Heart Health Month, which is a good time to consider a Vascular Screening.

Mercer Health offers Direct Access Vascular Screenings. Appointments are required. To schedule a screening please call 419-678-5112.

To better understand your risk for heart disease, ask your primary care provider questions that will provide you with some insight as to how healthy your heart is. Also, take time to schedule your 2024 annual physical.

Questions to ask include:
• What was my blood pressure reading today and what do the numbers mean for me?
• How often should I have my blood pressure checked?
• Can any medicines that I take (prescribed or over-the counter) affect my blood pressure?
• What risk factors do I have for heart disease? Is there anything I can do to change these risks?
• How can cholesterol affect my heart health? What are my cholesterol levels and are they in a healthy range?
• What is my BMI and what is my healthy weight range?
• If I smoke or drink, how does it affect my heart health?
• What do you recommend I do between now and my next visit that can lower my potential risk for heart disease?
• How much physical activity do I need to keep my heart healthy?
• What foods or diets can help keep my heart healthy?
• How can managing stress affect my heart health?

Learn more about why you should consider a vascular screening: https://www.heartveinnyc.com/2018/04/when-should-i-get-a-vascular-screening/