The My Health Program at the Mercer Health Center for Healthy Weight & Wellness was developed to teach young people, age 0-18, and families how to create and implement healthy habits to reduce their weight and lead a more active and healthy life throughout the lifespan.

Benefits of the “My Health” Program include:

  • Offers a multi-disciplinary team, including a pediatric nurse practitioner and a registered dietitian.
  • Provides a safe and inclusive environment for children and families looking for guidance in relation to healthy lifestyles and weight management.
  • Develops behavioral and dietary goals with the family, based on the families’ strengths, while using evidenced-based health care.
  • Collaborates with primary care providers, schools, and community resources to assist in optimal patient and family success.
  • Creates an individualized plan that is achievable and builds confidence in kids to help them take control of their own health.
  • Provides motivation and support each step of the journey.
  • For more information on the “My Health” Program or to schedule an appointment, please contact the Center for Healthy Weight & Wellness at 419-678-8446.