The Mercer Health Weight Management Center offers a number of different types of weight loss options, as we understand it is important to find the right program for you.  Our non-surgical programs can be done individually or can even be paired up with another program to help you on your weight loss journey.  Patients of these programs are also invited to join us at our monthly support group.

Medical Weight Loss
Meet with our specialized Weight Management Center team to discuss your personal weight loss needs, whether it be medically managed non-surgical interventions, weight loss medications, or your personal weight loss needs.  These appointments include individualized and specialized appointments with our Certified Nurse Practitioner and a Registered Dietitian to discuss your medical history, weight history, and personal weight loss needs.   Our team then works with you to create a plan for weight loss based on your history and needs and works with our multi-disciplinary team to address all of your personal health goals.  

The Rev It Up!® Weight Management
The Rev It Up!® Weight Management Program is a 9-week behavior modification and interactive lifestyle program, led by our registered dietitian. The program is appropriate for those looking to lose weight as well as those wanting to learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

MedGem® Indirect Calorimeter
The MedGem® Indirect Calorimeter offers an easy diagnostic test to determine the amount of calories your body burns at rest. This test includes an interpretation with our registered dietitian to determine your appropriate caloric level.

One-on-One Medical Nutrition Consultation
This program offers one-on-one individual counseling sessions with a registered dietitian to assist you in making changes to your diet for a healthy weight loss and to provide the knowledge you need to help meet your wellness and nutrition goals.

For more information, pricing, or registration for any of the above programs, please contact the Weight Management Center at 419-678-8446.