Transition to Home: We understand that transitioning from the hospital/nursing home to home can be difficult, especially when you need some assistance. When you are start Home Care services, the professional staff coordinate with other disciplines to make sure your needs are met. This includes skilled nursing and therapies as well as home medical equipment. Patients may need a hospital bed set up prior to coming home and our staff will coordinate with your family to have this ready for you when you get home. If you now require oxygen in the home, our staff will coordinate a time shortly after you return home to teach you how to safely use your oxygen in your home and also when you need to use portable oxygen.

Discharging from Home Care: When you are ready to be discharged from our skilled home care services, we will assist you in making sure you have the proper resources to continue living safely in your home. Mercer Health Home Care works with your physicians to make sure all your needs are met. Not all patients require the same care and this is why we individualize each patient’s care starting on the first day through the last day.

Coordination with Providers: Mercer Health Home Care and Medical Equipment work with physicians and hospitals throughout Ohio and Indiana. If you live within Mercer County or in the edges of the surrounding counties, we can provide in-home services for you with appropriate physician orders. Physicians can call us with a referral from their offices. Hospitals and Nursing Homes can call us when patients are at their facilities. Patients or their loved ones can call us directly to discuss Home Care and the services available. We will coordinate with your physician to do an in-home evaluation and assessment.  Throughout the Home Care episode of care, the staff coordinate with physicians to ensure that all involved are informed and up-to-date.