Privacy and Records

  • Mercer Health Home Care employees treat all of our patients with kindness and keep all of their needs private.
  • Mercer Health Home Care staff members always keep names, medical conditions, treatments, and family information private.
  • Patient information is not released unless appropriate, and a consent has been obtained.

Problem Solving Procedure
Mercer Health Home Care protects our patients’ rights. However, any problem or concern that you might have can be expressed by contacting the Director or by calling 419-584-0143. For issues related to quality of care or safety at Mercer Health, patients and families may wish to contact one of the following:

  1. Mercer Health Patient Advocate
    phone: 419-678-5615
  2. Joint Commission Office of Quality Monitors
    phone: 1-800-994-6610
  3. Ohio Department of Health
    phone: 1-800-342-0553
  4. Ohio Respiratory Care Board
    phone: 614-752-9218
  5. Ohio Kepro (Medicare Quality
    phone: 1-855-408-8557