Learn more about Mercer Health’s Pulmonary Services including our Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center and other Cardiology Services.

Pulmonary Services

Pulmonary Services at Mercer Health include the determination of pulmonary function and assessment of the degree of impairment present of any patient with respiratory symptoms.  Our respiratory therapists assess, support and/or treat complications in premature babies, asthma, ventilator life-support, COPD, dyspnea on exertion, chronic cough, screening for occupational hazards, evaluation for the treatment of lung disease, evaluation of sleeping disorders and many others.  In addition, Mercer Health offers Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and a Sleep Care Center.

For more information about respiratory services at Mercer Health, contact Pulmonary Services at 419-678-5138.

Respiratory Services

Respiratory Therapists are available around the clock to assist our doctors in the treatment of many illnesses. All Respiratory Therapists are licensed by the State of Ohio and are also certified or registered by the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC). You will likely see our therapists serving all areas of the hospital from the emergency room to the nursery.  They perform a wide variety of treatments and services.

For any questions regarding our services, please call us at 419-678-5138.  To schedule an appointment please call 419-678-5112.

Available Services

Arterial Blood Gas (ABG):  A lab test drawn by our skilled therapists from an artery that provides information on how well a patient is breathing, the amount of oxygen in the blood, and the blood’s pH.

Aerosol and Inhaler Treatments:  Medications that are inhaled to help reverse airway constriction and swelling.

Cardiopulmonary Rehab:  A Medicare approved program that helps improve the quality of life to the many that suffer from C.O.P.D., cardiac impairment and many other cardiopulmonary diseases.

Chest Physiotherapy:  Mechanical manipulation of the chest wall to help mobilize secretions out of the lungs and airways.

Oxygen Therapy:  Supplemental oxygen provided by cannulas, masks, or ventilators help to increase oxygen levels in the blood.

Pulmonary Function Testing:  A series of breathing maneuvers done through a computer used to determine the presence or monitor certain cardiopulmonary diseases. We offer complete pulmonary function services including methocholine challenges. Spirometry and complete occupational health screens are also available from our Wellness & Occupational Health Department.

Ventilator Care:  Life support that assists or provides the total oxygen and breathing requirements for patients who are unable to do so on their own.