Beginning [1/3/12], all vendor representatives visiting Mercer County Community Hospital will be required to sign-in and obtain a badge at one of these convenient locations:

Facility Name Sign-In Location
Mercer County Community Hospital Materials Management Office 7:30 – 4:30
Main Switchboard Area – Outside Above Hours


At the end of your appointment, stop by any of these locations to sign out.

It is critical that you register with the Mercer County Community Hospital vendor program for continued access to our health system. Effective 1/10/12, unregistered reps will only be allowed to visit 1 time before being denied access. Reps that are missing any required documentation will be issued three “warning” badges before being denied access.

Please register at

We appreciate your prompt attention to this matter. If you have technical questions, go to and select Support Center at the bottom of the page. The Support Center website included tutorials on the registration process and how to upload documents.

Vendor Registration Policy & Procedure [PDF Dowload]