Colonoscopy FAQs

I don’t have any symptoms of colon cancer, so why bother to go through a colonoscopy?

  • There are few noticeable symptoms of very early colon cancer. The only way to know for sure is to have regular colonoscopies, that may be more or less often depending upon you risk factors.  Ask you provider what she/he recommends for you.

A colonoscopy is embarrassing, uncomfortable, and takes a long time to recover.

  • You will be made comfortable and the colonoscopy team understands and treats you with the utmost respect.  Within a couple of hours you are free to leave with a driver and able to carry on with normal activities the next day.

I can’t afford a colonoscopy.

  • Most insurance companies will pay for this screening as will Medicare.

Preparing for a colonoscopy sounds hard and unpleasant.

  • Your preparation only lasts one day of a clear liquid diet. It is accompanied by another fluid to thoroughly clean out your colon.

How do I make an appointment?

  • You can start with your primary care provider or you can reach out to one of our general surgery offices.
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