Jun 25 2021

Jessica Brown, Manager of Mercer Health’s Occupational Health and Wellness department, was recently recertified by the National Association of Occupational Health Professionals (NAOHP) in Occupational Health Practice Management.

This recertification course enhances knowledge and understanding of the benefits of providing occupational health services to employers, the interrelationship of services Mercer Health offers and the regulatory requirements employers face.

The NAOHP is a nationally recognized organization that provides a vehicle for educating, networking, and developing successful occupational health programs. By completing the recertification, Jessica Brown has proven to have a nationally recognized knowledge base in occupational health standards of practice. Mercer Health’s continued membership and participation in NAOHP programs aim to continue to enhance our occupational health services and, as a result, the health and safety of our clients and community.

Mercer Health’s Occupational Health program provides a wide range of services to local employers promoting health and safety. Services include drug screenings and physicals, OSHA required surveillance exams such as respiratory clearance, fit testing and audiometric screenings, injury care, and wellness and prevention services such as health fairs, educational sessions, and immunizations. Occupational Health clinics are located in Celina and Ft. Recovery and services can also be brought onsite to employers. Mercer Health currently works with more than 250 local employers.

For more information on the services offered by Occupational Health Services, visit mercer-health.com or contact Jessica Brown at 419-586-1220 or jlbrown@mercer-health.com. For the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Occupational Health and Wellness, visit the Mercer Healthy Living Blog.