Jan 31 2019

With the addition of the pediatric My Health program at the Mercer Health Weight Management Center, Mercer Health will now be offering a free “My Health” Pediatric, Adolescent and Family Support Group, which will meet on Thursday, February 7, 2019 at 4:30pm at the Mercer Health West Campus.  The February session will focus on Snacking Smart and will include discussions and information on:
• Why snacking is okay
• What constitutes a snack
• How to set snacking boundaries and make healthy snack choices
• Creating your own granola
All sessions also include movement activity.  Families of all ages and sizes are welcome.

The My Health Support Group sessions are provided for kids of all ages and their families.  Sessions are led by Jennifer Bills, CPNP, with the Mercer Health Weight Management Center.  Jennifer Bills also provides the My Health program at the Weight Management Center.  The pediatric My Health program aims to teach children ages 0 to 18 and their families how to create and implement healthy habits, reach healthy weights, and lead more active and healthy lives.  The My Health program will help patients and families develop achievable behavioral and dietary goals and create individualized action plans. The program offers motivation and support to help build confidence in kids within a safe and inclusive environment.  Morning and evening appointments are available and can be scheduled by calling 419-678-8446.

For more information on the My Health support group, pediatric weight management or other weight management programs, contact the Weight Management Center at 419-678-8446 or visit www.mercer-health.com.