Dec 22 2014

As a health care leader, Mercer Health is pleased to offer the only Weight Management Center in the area.  Mercer Health’s Weight Management Center offers both surgical and non-surgical weight loss programs, and is proud to announce that patients of these programs have lost over 4,000 pounds!

The Mercer Health Weight Management Center will be offering several programs in January to help the community with their weight-related New Year’s resolutions.  The following programs are now available through Mercer Health’s Weight Management Center:

  1. Rev It Up!® Weight Management is a 9-week interactive lifestyle program led by our registered dietitian that covers topics such as behavior modification, hunger and fullness signals, fluid needs, meal timing, aerobic exercise, and more. The next 9-week session begins January 14.
  2. The Medifast® Program offers a structured meal plan that incorporates specially formulated Medifast meal replacement and snack products to achieve a low calorie, low carbohydrate diet.  Participants are required to attend an introduction class.  The next classes will be held January 5 and January 26, or is also available online at and can be viewed anytime!
  3. The LAP-BAND® weight loss surgery program continues to grow, and is now accepting Medicare patients!  The required informational seminar will be held on January 6 and February 3 or is now available online anytime at
  4. The MedGem Indirect Calorimeter is a handheld device that determines an individual’s resting metabolic rate.  This test also includes an interpretation with a registered dietitian to determine an appropriate caloric level for weight loss.  Tests are scheduled on a patient by patient basis.

All programs are now taking registrations.  Limited space is available.  Begin your weight loss journey today, and join in the success of our patients.  For more information or to register for an upcoming program, contact the Mercer Health Weight Management Center at 419-678-8446.