Mar 23 2016

Ready to get your weight loss journey ‘Back on Track’?  The Weight Management Center at Mercer Health will be holding a special event titled ‘Back on Track’ on Monday, April 11, at 6:00pm at Mercer Health’s West Campus location.  This free class, presented by Judy Broering, RD, LD, will be held annually, and is appropriate for those that are ready to get their weight loss journey ‘Back on Track’, whether after a recent weight gain, struggle with an extended weight plateau, or feeling like the “new you” is slipping away.  This ‘Back on Track’ Program will provide the education, structure, encouragement, and support one may need to get back on their weight loss journey and to reach and maintain a weight loss goal.  Registration is required for this event.

To register for the ‘Back on Track’ program, or for more information about this program or other Weight Management Programs available at Mercer Health, contact the Weight Management Center at 419-678-8446.