May 4 2020

In light of the steady increase in confirmed cases of COVID-19 over the past two weeks, Mercer Health, along with the Mercer County Health District, wants to remind Mercer County residents of the importance of cautiously working our way back toward a normal level of activity.  Both entities are asking the community to comply with community mitigation and public health guidance, such as following social distancing, eliminating gatherings, and wearing a mask or face covering. All of these precautions will help to stop the spread.  Areas of increasing concern are detailed below.

Community Outbreak Preparations

Mercer County continues to see an increase in the amount of confirmed COVID-19 cases affecting all populations within the county. Both Mercer County Health District and Mercer Health have begun to shift from working to contain individual cases to preparing for a potential larger community outbreak.


PPE levels are not yet optimal and shipments continue to be delayed and/or less than desirable. Each PUI (person under investigation), or suspect COVID-19 positive patient, requires the use of recommended PPE. For example, if a PUI patient requires admission to the hospital, all protocols for a confirmed/positive patient must be followed, until, if and when, the patient’s test returns negative. With increasing hospitalized patients, the use of PPE also increases. We are appreciative of the community's generosity in donating PPE and we ask if you have the continued ability, including the production of homemade masks, to please consider doing so.


When health care workers, in any health care setting, become sick with COVID-19, each ill person and his or her close contacts at work become unavailable for an extended period of time.