Dear Community Members,

Mercer County is (and always has been) my home. It is a sincere joy to serve my community. I am passionate about healthcare but I am even more passionate about ensuring my friends, family and neighbors receive the healthcare they need and deserve.

Each member of our community – farmers, teachers, machinists, bankers, accountants, jewelers, cashiers and healthcare workers – make an investment each day for the betterment of our community. We work as a team to help ensure the continuation of our local way of life. Without each of our investments, our community would not continue to thrive.

With the health and continued prosperity of our community in mind, I ask each member of our community to consider investing in our Building on a Promise campaign, which supports our West Wing Expansion at Mercer Health's Mercer County Community Hospital. This project truly encapsulates all that is good about our community, as there is no better way for a community to care for its own than by supporting the health and well-being of its residents.

Enclosed you will find more details about our project. No matter your means, any gift is appreciated and will make a difference. I want to personally thank each of you for your continued support. At Mercer Health, our greatest honor always has been and always will be caring for our family, friends and neighbors.

Lisa Klenke
CEO of Mercer Health

The vast majority of healthcare is delivered in a rural setting, not in a big city. I don’t come to work and treat patients, I treat friends and family and real people – people that I pass on the street. Every patient I take care of deserves the best and they should leave Mercer Health having received the best.
Dr. Craig Dues
Emergency Medicine Physician
We want to be a healthy and prosperous county. Having a viable and growing healthcare system is an important aspect of the community. Having such a great resource like Mercer Health helps us take care of our own and impacts everyone – not just the health of individuals but the economic development of our community in the future as well.
Jared Ebbing
Mercer County Community Economic Development Director
When raising a family, we knew if we needed a hospital, we had a place to go. The new addition at Mercer Health will continue to help attract new doctors to our area so we do not have to go out of the area and that is very important to a community.
Hank and Trudy Lefeld
St. Henry, Ohio
There is a need for everybody to put their support behind this project. Let’s do what we can to keep our healthcare system in the county operating at the top level of excellence.
Jerry Laffin
Mercer County Commissioner
We always hear the saying ‘we take care of our own.’ It is exciting to be a part of the vision for Mercer Health’s future knowing that we are responsible for the services offered not only today but also for future generations.
VJ Westerheide
Business Owner
People should support the Building on a Promise Campaign, as it is important to the future of healthcare and our community.
Michaela Siefring
Nursing Student
I support this project because it will help the community and will help Mercer Health bring new physicians to the area. There is nothing better than having a hospital right next door.
Craig Stammen
MLB Player and Building on a Promise Honorary Campaign Chair
Our farming accident ended as a success story because of the quick response of local people. I definitely want this hospital here for my future kids and anyone working on my farm.
Brad & Mitchell Dirksen
Local Dairy Farmers
The most rewarding part of providing services here is the people. We work together to provide the best care we can to the people of the area.
Dr. Keighley
General Surgeon
It is amazing to see the technology being brought to Mercer Health that previously has only been available in larger cities. Supporting this project is supporting our future.
Todd Reigelsperger
"It makes you feel good that you’re helping people," says Tom Sanderell. Mr. Sanderell’s generosity and his family’s legacy will live on in the lives of every baby born at Mercer Health, every family who has a loved one needing acute hospital services and each patient who has a surgical procedure that cures an illness.
Tom Sanderell
Friend of the MED Foundation of Mercer Health
The asset we have already have is the people. We need the building and the state-of-the-art equipment to allow them to continue to do the work that they love. This expansion is so important – we need to keep building for this community and for Mercer Health to continue to be the great hospital that it is.
Andrea Duerr
Coldwater, Ohio
I have enjoyed my nursing career, but what I am so excited about is seeing what we’re going to become and how important that is.
Rosie Hagar, R.N.
Mercer Health Retiree

To learn more about Mercer Health’s West Wing Expansion project, the associated Building on a Promise campaign and how you can support local healthcare in our community, contact The MED Foundation today.