Learn more about Mercer Health’s Diabetes Education Services

What is Diabetes Education?
  • Education sessions tailored to meet your individual needs including one-on-one and small group sessions taught by a Registered Dietitian Certified in Diabetes Education.
  • Program recognized by the American Diabetes Association
Topics Covered in the Program:
  • Testing your blood sugars
  • Blood sugar goals
  • Healthy eating, including how to eat your favorite foods while still keeping your blood sugars managed
  • Physical activity and exercise
  • Understanding your medications
  • Preventing complications caused by high blood sugars
  • Annual examinations to help you prevent the complications of diabetes
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Pre-Pregnancy Counseling
Who should enroll in the Diabetes Education Program?
  • People who have recently found out that they have diabetes.
  • People who have had diabetes for several years but have been unable to keep their bood sugars below 150 most of the time.
  • People whose A1C is greater that 7.0%.
  • People who have changed from taking pills to taking insulin or who have just started taking diabetes pills or insulin.
  • Anyone interested in learning more about diabetes.
Why should I enroll in the Diabetes Education Program?

You, along with your health care team, play a vital role in managing your blood sugars. If your blood sugars have been higher than 150 for a long period of time, you are more likely to develop problems with your eyes, heart, kidneys and feet. By learning about diabetes and how you can control your blood sugars at home, you can lower your risk of most diabetes complications.

How do I get enrolled in the Diabetes Education Program?

In order to become enrolled in the program you need to have a physician referral. This referral can be obtained by contacting your doctor’s office or the staff at the Center for Healthy Weight & Wellness can contact your doctor for you. For more information, contact us at 419-678-8446.

Diabetes Supplies

If you choose to, we are able to supply you with a choice of glucometers, lancets and testing strips through the Mercer Health Durable Medical Equipment. We will file your insurance for you, so there are no up front fees.

All sessions are taught by educators certified in Diabetes Education

A Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) is a healthcare professional who has demonstrated specialized knowledge in the field of diabetes education. Our CDE demonstrate a personal commitment to partnering with their clients, sharing their successes and cheering through the challenges. They demonstrate commitment, passion and caring for the services they provide.

For more information about diabetes, visit www.diabetes.org.